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2013 Relay patented LED industry, who will lead the next Spring?
Date:2014-6-27 | Author: | Hit: 128

Hanlaishuwang spring and autumn, from the world's first practical visible spectrum light-emitting diode (LED) was born until now, LED industry has spent 50 Spring. In commemoration of the 50th anniversary of LED invention October 2012 meeting held by GE, LED blazed the trail Holonyak said, LED is in the "infancy." Visible, LED technology innovation vast space, access to original patent is still a lot. Then, in 2013, China's LED enterprises can have the opportunity to break through the blockade of international manufacturers of patented? What will turn the LED industry patents breakthrough? LEDinside Xiao Bian throw "special" jade, especially with your guess under 2013 patent trends. Generally there, there was no specific, time being the reference:

guess one: patent expiration, LED packaging companies or welcome opportunity

we all know, the global LED industry, patents have been firmly grasp Cree, Philips, Osram, Nichia and Toyoda Gosei hands. This five large manufacturers in order to remain competitive and maintain market share, almost covering the application materials, equipment, packaging, application of the whole industry chain, including patents, described hoodwink the public.

However, times change, this patent barriers are not unbreakable, but there have been signs of loosening. In accordance with the provisions of the Patent Law, the patent protection period of 20 years the invention, utility model patents and design patents protection for a period of 10 years, that is from the beginning of 1990 raised LED-related patents expire gradually from 2010 onwards, and this a large portion of which also involve important white LED. In other words, in the next two to three years, there will be a number of the last century 90's core patents have expired. In addition, involving phosphor patents will gradually expire between 2012-2014.

So Xiaobian guess, the development of LED packaging companies will usher in new opportunities, expected in the absence of phosphor white LED lighting technology cut outcrop angle.

Conjecture 2: Barriers to heat up, "cottage version of" patent buried hidden

In recent years, the domestic LED enterprises on LED patent application after another, but careful research, you will find that most of the patents are not original, they either pick up, do some tinkering in the international LED giant, based on the original patent, or is opportunistic, utility model or design in the drove, patent "cottage" of the extent of high, gold naturally be greatly reduced. Once hit by the international giants triggered by the global large-scale litigation, domestic or will have more than 70% of patent expiries.

currently exported to overseas markets patented LED enterprises have frequently suffered siege. In the meantime, with the rapid development of the mainland LED lighting industry, international lighting giants with core technology, to seize the Chinese market. China LED industry, although an advantage on production and prices, but in terms of technology, it is difficult to keep pace with international brands. By then, foreign brands army arrives, relying on patent weight, LED industry may repeat the mistakes of the photovoltaic industry. Some experts even predict that in the next 2 to 3 years, it is likely there will be a collective foreign giants small local event lighting companies sued for patent infringement occurred.

However, it is gratifying that some companies have begun to take precautions, such as Neo-Neon, were all out on the 2012 February and April, and Philips signed a patent cooperation agreement. November, Epistar and Toshiba authorized mutual AlGaInP LED technology patents. In addition, the Taiwan plant Formosa Epitaxy also announced in December and Toyoda Gosei patent cross-licensing.

can be expected, as market competition intensifies, patent disputes will become the norm. As a precaution, small advice, corporate patent in the absence of ace premise, can properly fight buy several technology patents, or jointly funded by several companies to get licensed, and through the establishment of patent pools, patent strategy to strengthen research bold use of "patent pool" approach, the patent holder of many patents together, cross-license each other permission to hold together the ultimate way to deal with international LED giant's "siege."

guess three: market segment or are patent "darling" Cock wire to be "counter-attack" rich handsome

Indeed, the vast majority of LED core technology lies in the hands of the few international companies, however, LED Cock wire who do not have to feel powerless and frustrated. Throughout history we can see the development of LED, LED applications development can be described as innovation, from the initial phone backlight, and now lighting from behind the stage, and the future of artificial intelligence will also move in the direction of development. So, for LED patent to explore, whether it is innovation and invention, or a utility model, or design, there is a great space:

Although European and American, Japanese manufacturers, led by "high rich handsome" sitting chip patent power, we can also inventive, digging stones from other hills to attack its Jade:

1) silicon substrate patent is expected to achieve better results: in 2012, the luminous efficiency of Chinese manufacturers LatticePower launched more than 120lm / W high power LED chip silicon product, let us thoroughly proud of a handful. LEDinside believes that in the field of LED sapphire substrate, China's LED business is almost no core technology patents, and has been in a passive state. However, the silicon substrate LED chips, Chinese and foreign manufacturers of LED companies can stand on the same starting line, and is expected to break loose and create a silicon substrate patents to compete for market discourse.

2) LED printers began to receive attention: the growing awareness of energy saving surge, sparked concern about the family office LED printer. Compared with conventional laser printers, LED printers do not produce ozone and other pollutants in the work process, in favor of the office environment and human health. In the resolution, LED printers still room for improvement, producers may wish to move in this regard under the brains, maybe be able to seize the opportunity.

3) Artificial Intelligence LED or SANDOVAL: smart phones and tablet PCs have been a household name, artificial intelligence control technology and LED applications combine has become a trend. Recently, Philips invented the process control technology by Android and iOS Hue lights. The U.S. Interior Lighting Company ByteLight, developed a location-based services based on LED lighting, making the program can calculate the current position in a second time, the accuracy can be achieved within one meter. This flashing LED lamps emit a signal, and then received and detected by the user's smart phone camera, and the user does not need to phone camera at the touch of a particular direction, they can come directly to the feedback received light signal. All these are indications that, since smart mobile devices have been well received by consumers, then the LED lighting combined with smart devices and mobile technology, is bound to gain popularity in the near future. We can consider from between the mobile device and the LED technology to find the connection point of a collaboration, technical study and patents crucial to trigger a new round of LED technology storm.

All in all, a patent is a protracted war, to specialize in technology, profound knowledge, it may be a blockbuster. 2013, even though the world can not do the first three, we have to overturn the patent by virtue of positive energy mountains, or independent research and development, innovation, or cross-licensing, pushing to break out, either way, this rebirth of spring, planting a belief I believe the spring season will far from us.