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Annual inventory: 2012 LED industry "Ten happiness business"
Date:2014-6-27 | Author: | Hit: 129

you happy? If you take in 2012 the most ironic question to interview LED business, then imagine the richness of the answer.

just past 2012, the LED industry to accelerate the integration of the year, one is triggered under the policy dividend investing warming, the rapid growth of LED industry scale, on the other hand is overcapacity, rising costs, falling profits, the price war, consolidation of the industry reshuffle under the shadow of debt default, under which the two interact and promote China's LED industry is constantly reinforce the foundation, gradually moving towards an orderly and rational direction.

end of the year end of the year, Engineering LED inventory of 2012 top ten companies happy, they send or contrarian, performance rose; or pioneers, to achieve the industrial merger; or relying on the subsidy policy, the steady expansion; Or sign up large orders, moved ...... in short, they Swordsman in the brutal competition in the industry downturn in 2012, they would be called a happy business.

Kingsun - happy contrarian growth

Despite the overall weakness in the LED industry during the year, but on the ground optoelectronic 2012, but the overall performance of contrarian growth. From the performance perspective, in the first three quarters of this year net profit of 92.2207 million yuan on photovoltaic ground, up. 20 A-share listed companies in the LED industry, fell over the same period to achieve an average net profit margin reached 20.87%, and to achieve an increase in only home. Among them, the net size of the top five listed companies, Kingsun highest increase year on year.

year, Kingsun has released multiple copies of the bid announcement, including joint bid Grandbuy LED group 160 million project, the National Development and Reform Commission 19.135 million yuan foreign aid projects, Qingyuan City, Guangdong 46000 LED street reconstruction project, the Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway LED lamps lighting test section works contract energy management projects, the successful demonstration projects and metro million in 2012 the number of financial subsidies to promote LED lighting winning first place, and so on. The value of the end of the year on the occasion, Kingsun then announced a joint bid with China Southern Power Grid LED lights Yingde transformation services procurement projects, is expected to be about 20,742,180 yuan from the project. Not only that, but also happy to undertake the Great Hall on the ground Starry LED lighting project, and has passed inspection; company's products were selected 66 models still recommend Guangdong LED benchmarking system catalog ......

worth mentioning is that the ground has been selected for the annual "frustrated" corporate ranks in 2011, 2012 can be described as proud, scenery sounded. It is foreseeable that the ground on the 2012 annual report will pretty. GLII considered as one of the largest in Guangdong LED policies to benefit the company, Kingsun 20 billion in the next two years is expected to LED lighting market in Guangdong Public grab more market share.

Sanan Optoelectronics - Foreign acquisitions of happiness

mid-November, Sanan Optoelectronics to 506 million yuan acquisition of Taiwan's second largest LED chip plant in Formosa Epitaxy stake, becoming its largest shareholder. As the first LED chip companies of foreign acquisitions, Sanan The sail can be described as significant.

Because Europe and Taiwan LED chip makers to form alliances with each other for patent protection, three security LED chip patent issues has been its international distribution in the larger obstacles, Formosa Epitaxy as Taiwan's second largest LED chip factory, with Toyota cross-licensing, has 200 patents, the Formosa Epitaxy Saman become the largest shareholder, has been restricted to patent issues Sanan Optoelectronics overseas development will be solved.

GLII analysis, Sanan settled Formosa Epitaxy will greatly enhance the company's high-power LED chip technology and capacity. Formosa Epitaxy in high-power LED chip technology has a profound accumulation, will effectively compensate Sanan is still weak power LED chip technology, and Formosa Epitaxy capacity of nearly 100 MOCVD, according to Saman 20% stake in the calculation, but also significantly improve the Saman capacity. In addition, both in procurement, production, marketing and other aspects will also expand all-round cooperation, this combination will surely lay a solid foundation for the three security companies to build a world-class LED.

The happy

Sanan hand Formosa Epitaxy, so that the industry was stunned. Engineering LED CEO Dr. Zhang Xiaofei think, Sanan Optoelectronics and Formosa Epitaxy want through strategic cooperation to jointly fight against Epistar, although they can not shake Epistar technical and market advantages in the short term, but has posed a serious threat, the market outlook has yet to test, future development under scrutiny.

Honglitronic - Happy innovation patent

in GLII 9 January this year selected the 2012 domestic most competitive intensity white LED packaging companies in Honglitronic topped the list. As the leader in lighting white LED packaging enterprises. Hongli Opto-electronic white patent also has the largest number of companies.

2012 年 4 月份 held in Frankfurt, Germany (Light + Building) exhibition, Hongli Opto-electronic high-power patented product MLCOB "test the water" success, and its high efficiency and independent research lens molding technology has attracted the majority of foreign customers eye. In June, Hongli Opto-electronic has introduced high-efficiency COB packaging products, the industry once again get many enterprises affirmed.

is by virtue of its strong research and innovation capacity, Honglitronic was identified as the "Guangzhou City, the second batch of innovative pilot enterprises". In the subsequent second and third quarter, there are four patents Honglitronic has won national patent certificate.

In addition to cultivating

LED packaging market, Honglitronic through wholly owned subsidiaries and holding subsidiaries Levin Dili Guangzhou Buddha of active layout commercial lighting and automotive lighting market, and through working capital surplus of $ Guangzhou heavy Energy Technology Co., Ltd. , involved in energy-saving LED lighting EMC services market.

9 24, invested nearly 600 million yuan, the construction area of ​​100,000 square meters of Hongli Opto-electronic LED industrial base was officially launched. The new industrial park plans to achieve monthly production capacity to challenge the new target annual sales income of 3.0 billion yuan.

GLII believes Hongli Opto-electronic lighting applications in downstream distribution market, will expand its packaging capacity downstream stability to the sea, to look forward to future growth.

As the handful of available

bulk supply of large-size backlight LED device packaging companies, Ruifeng backlit LED revenues this year, definitely can be called happiness.

2012 Ruifeng power in the first three quarters of large-size backlight LED business income 166 million yuan, more than the first LED lighting business to become the company's main source of income, large-size LED backlight revenue proportion of total revenue from 2009 12.81% up to 48.90% in the first three quarters, representing a CAGR of 115.89%.

Ruifeng Electric has successfully entered into the first-tier TV brand manufacturers supply chain system. In the field of large-size backlight, already has Konka, Skyworth, Changhong and other large customers, and has begun sending samples to TCL, Huaxing power, BOE and other enterprises for testing.

as Ruifeng power of large customers, Konka Group increased dramatically in 2012 purchases this year, from about 40% Ruifeng power purchases in LED demand, according to Ruifeng December announcement shows, occur due to market conditions change, LED TV penetration increased purchases of Konka Group full year is estimated to reach 140 million.

According GLII expected, Ruifeng power in large-size backlight LED full year revenues between 2.2-2.4 million, representing growth of more than 30%.

sun lighting - a happy transition strategy

sun lighting performance in 2012, the rapidly growing elderly on the fast track, in 2011, the total revenue of the sun lighting 2.35 billion yuan, LED performance of the proportion of the company's total revenue was only 8%, while the proportion will grow this year to 15%. Growth rate in the first three quarters of this year, according to revenue, annual mean proportion of 15% of its revenue will reach 400 billion yuan.

The results prompted the rapid growth of the sun lighting

increased restructuring efforts. December 4, the sun lighting announcement that the proposed reduction in the first half of the large equity investment projects funds, 270 million yuan to raise funds to implement "an annual output of 20 million (sets) LED lighting products industry projects & rdquo use after the change ;. Insiders pointed out that, while maintaining the stability of existing businesses, the sun lighting changes raise investment project has released the LED business growth signal, which indicates that the company's strategic transformation has repeatedly pre deeper progressive. The new project is conducive to the sun lighting speed up the adjustment of product structure available to further enhance the added value of its own brand based integrated lighting business transformation. After the above items and adjustments, the estimated annual sales income 1.1 billion yuan, total profit of about 173 million yuan.

Moreover, the transformation of the sun lighting in LED also several successful contract, which is the end of November last bid to tackle climate change NDRC Phase III Mini External supplies LED lights subprojects - Republic of Maldives Water resources and Energy projects, amounting to 24.71 million yuan.

GLII believes that the successful bidder government projects, while marking its LED products have been recognized by the market, while on the other hand, also validate the success of some of its transformation.

Alto Electronics - Happiness orders

11 months, Alto Electronics and China CNC Holdings Limited signed a framework contract, plans inherent in a year about 100 commercial real estate development projects, the Alto is responsible for the construction and installation of the electronic specific total of approximately 200 LED display. According Alto electronic bulletin shows that the total estimated contract amount is 100 million to 220 million yuan.

relative to 2011 only 230 million yuan of revenue Alto electronics, the attendance of such orders for the coming year of life saved enough "food." What's more, the contract counterparty subsidiary of Xinhua News Agency, the strength, with good performance capabilities.


Engineering LED Xiaofei commented: Alto's high-margin has let other display manufacturers envy, jealousy, hate, do other listed company's share price freefall display, Alto also by helicopter.

data show that in the five main listed companies in the LED display, electronic Alto and the first three quarters of net profit growth in gross profit margins are highest in the first three quarters of this year, the gross profit margin remained at 42.66%. Engineering Research Institute (GLII) analysis pointed out: the Alto electronic access to China CNC Holdings Limited 200,000,000 yuan huge orders, not only can increase the company's expected revenue, will enhance the company's brand influence and market competitiveness.

Tongfang - happy layout

only about two years time, with the side to complete its layout in the LED field, the rapid growth of the domestic LED industry to become one of the few, relatively complete industrial chain business.

Currently, nearly 53 sets of MOCVD mass production of Tsinghua Tongfang. Annual wafer production capacity of up to 2.4 million LED, becoming second only to the size of the domestic LED boss Sanan Optoelectronics business. Will also become the industry's only complete industrial chain with LED manufacturers, which will fully promote the LED industry chain localization.

Tongfang LED chips in production capacity and accelerate the layout, but also increased the LED chip technology development and industrialization of the relevant technical preparations. Currently Tongfang LED industry in terms of the vertical structure of the substrate has mastered the peel, the new thermal conductivity substrate bonding, chip separation, surface roughening and domestic patents and other key technologies almost a hundred.

Meanwhile, the layout of Tsinghua Tongfang LED lighting business is also accelerating. In addition to Beijing, Shenyang and Nantong, the Tsinghua Tongfang still in Guangzhou and Zhejiang establish lighting production base. Currently Tsinghua Tongfang has reached an annual output of indoor LED lighting products 10,000,000, outdoor LED lighting products 5,000,000 units of production scale.

GLII analysis pointed out that despite the current LED revenue contribution was small, but the future will become one of the pillar industries of Tsinghua Tongfang.

Moso Power Supply - happy Listing

2012 年 3 16, MOSO listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Internet pricing from the date of initial public offering of 1,943 million shares began trading since listing. As China's first LED driver power supply for the main business of listed companies, MoSo technology, the scale are in the leading position.

early April, MOSO announcement, intends to raise 270 million yuan in capital investment in Huizhou MoSo way. By the end of July 2012 first-half results released on Express. MOSO achieved total revenue of 240 million yuan, total profit of 35.227 million yuan, an increase of 6.48% over the previous year. Despite an overall decline in the international market because of demand, resulting in consumer power revenues fell. But the good news is the current LED drive power to maintain the expected revenue growth. Happier is MoSo power by virtue of their work in the field of power, access to the presence of the CEO's favor in 2012, a good year LED product PK scene, in one fell swoop won a Golden Globe Engineering outdoor power class.

MoSo since listing, and its subsidiaries received three utility model patent certificate issued by the State Intellectual Property Office of Guangdong Province and focus on new products and other relevant certificates. As of now, Moso Power Supply and holding subsidiaries have received a total of 71 patents. Among them, the patented inventions, 52 utility model patents, design patents 15.

GLII believes MOSO have these patents, will help upgrade the product mix and production efficiency, to enhance the diversity of products and technologies will have some impact; help the company to further improve IPR protection system formation mechanism of continuous innovation, intellectual property rights play advantage, maintaining technological leadership, in order to gain a better operating results.

country star power - happiness expansion

2012 年初, GLII released 2011 China Enterprise 25 rankings, followed by country star power after the Big Three Ann, in second place. This 2011 profit of 120 million yuan for enterprises in the past year based on the packaging business, and actively expand the application areas upstream and downstream areas of the chip, with a chip manufacturing to applications from vertical industry chain model.

Beginning last year, the country star power began to aggressively expand downstream LED application market, not only invested 62.96 million yuan for LED lighting technology and industrialization of key projects, but also to use the raised funds 90.29 million yuan in lighting brand and channel construction projects . Investment in downstream applications allow the country star power lucrative.

conform to the huge domestic market potential demand for the call, the country star power in full swing, the orderly conduct of the channel building LED lighting products. November 20, 2012, the country star power LED general lighting products promotion will be held in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, the second provincial operations center Guoguang emerged. October 12, 2012 Prior to this, the country star power LED general lighting products in Jiangsu promotion will be the first battle.

GLIII analysis: country star power comes from the future competitiveness of production capacity, improve cost control, technology, brand building and other areas, the scale and profitability of its revenue is expected to be increased significantly.

Wah Chan - Happy migration

from Taiwan and foreign experts, doctors and senior engineers returned Huacan team, although only established in 2005, but in the field of display chip market share rapidly becoming the first. In June 2012 June, HC SemiTek officially landed the capital market.

8 28, just listed for less than three months HC SemiTek announcement that the company will raise $ 300 million in funds to set up a wholly-owned HC SemiTek (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., to the company body running the new project "HC SemiTek (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. LED epitaxial silicon building a project," The total investment amounted to 1.8 billion yuan.

HC SemiTek change the location to set up a subsidiary in Zhangjiagang in the Yangtze River Delta region, built area of ​​approximately 92,360 square meters of building blue-green LED epitaxy, chip production base, infrastructure construction to be completed in three years, to achieve equipment installation, and formally put into operation. After the project will be its new blue and green chip production capacity of 1995KK / month, equivalent to 4 inches wafer 35,000 / month.

in 2011 sales revenue publicly, HC SemiTek has become the second largest LED chip manufacturer. Face greater market capacity, a wider range of applications such as backlight and lighting markets, Hua Chan has developed a corresponding product development and market expansion plans.

GLII noted that applications continue to consolidate the leading position in the display at the same time, China Can also use accumulated technology in the display market, brand and customer resources, quickly penetrate into new application areas in order to achieve a larger growth.


upcoming 2013, the LED industry, what it means? I believe this will be a more than "Are you happy? "

also difficult question to answer.

but it seems certain that the industry was destined to continue to deepen the integration of the year, change the rules of survival of the fittest in this market will become inspired to rational mature upward momentum. Market competition will not just mere competition among enterprises, but will continue to contest the entire industry ecosystem.


Ebb Tide, the passage of time, the end, the dawn remains. We look forward, with the happiness of their positive energy businesses to grow this happiness will continue to extend to immediately come in 2013, passed to the thousands of LED size businesses, we also look forward to the positive energy of thousands of companies continue to accumulate will soon usher in the industry orderly and prosperous future.